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Training Inside Out – Deeper Insights

The following research findings are well know in the training and development / L&D universe .

1. After 1 hour of the training people retain less than half of the information presented

2. After 1 day people are likely to forget 70% of what was taught in the training

3. After 6 days they will forget 75-80% of what was taught.

4. People often forget because it was never actually LEARNED in the first place.

My experience of facilitating behavioral programs over the last 11 years tells me that there is proverbial “fight” between what is being taught and what the participants believe themselves. Concepts remain just that, concepts, because the many a times the concept does agree to the belief system of the person who is getting trained. For eg. Learning to say No using Assertiveness can be a tough task for a person who has a belief that I cannot say no to a person of authority.

Hence ” Training Inside Out”( TIO).

“TIO” aims to use activities , exercises, games, discussions etc that help participants 1. Connect 2. Challenge & 3. Change their old restricting beliefs and assist them to go back with empowering beliefs that will result in desired performance behavior.

I am pleased to announce that I have taken the first step towards the 3C model of “TIO” by launching my July series of

1. Enhancing Self Esteem & Confidence on 19th July 2020

2. High Impact Communication Skills on 26th July 2020.

Give me a shout out for more information about these programs.