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Training Inside Out

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The “Then and Now” discussions are on ad nauseam these days.

The world as we knew it has changed, Or has it?

  1. I see complacency still lurking in our life.
  2. Blaming, complaining, accusing is an everyday affair in Zoom Meetings.
  3. The “One-Up- Man-ship” is still prevalent.
  4. WIIFM has transformed into WIIFOM (What’s in it for ONLY me).
  5. The proverbial RAT RACE has graduated in the virtual world making it bigger, better, faster. Phew!!!

The irony is that we are getting trained on “team work in the virtual world”, “communicate with confidence”, “managing time in the new normal” and skills that will make us “better” when things start “opening up”.


Can we expect a new tomorrow if our actions based in the past? Can we expect a different output, if our inputs are the same?

The external “jolt” we received early this year can be proverbially perceived as positive, however, it can still create a negative outcome in our lives unless we consciously introspect and go “within”.

Unless we change our internal state, we can never change our outer experience.

This is where focused training interventions come to the rescue. The need of the hour today is to focus your training interventions on principles rather than concepts, on making a your team internally immune to the metaphorical “jolts” that life throws at you, of strengthening your “ROOTS” first so that the “FRUITS” will take care of themselves

Share your thoughts and give a shout out if you like me to help you manifest the world your desire “INSIDE OUT”