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Integrated Delivery approaches

1. Easy to understand
2. Immediate Connect
3. Opportunity to reflect
4. Creates immediate

List of Programs being conducted

Conducted over 10,000+ hours of training and personal counseling
sessions for human assets in organizations across sectors like- Aviation, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, IT & ITES,
Pharmaceutical, Construction, Logistics, Travel services, E- Commerce ,Pan India and Abroad.

Personal Effectiveness program


  1. To Understand and apply the skills required to get
    long term sustainable success and productivity rather
    than short term gains.
  2. Leave a your impact and create your own
    everlasting legacy.


  1. Understanding the difference between Efficiency
    and Effectiveness
  2. Taking small steps in the 4 areas of ones life that
    have a huge impact on our outcomes
  3. Leading a Life of Abundance by Responding rather
    than Reacting
  4. Learn to Set and Achieve Life Goals
  5. Learn to Prioritize and take action
  6. Improve your interaction with people and create

High Impact Communication Skills


  1. To enable participants to communicate effectively with
  2. Learn the skills that all the corporates look for in a winner


  1. The 7 C’s of Communication
  2. The attitude component in Communication Skills
  3. Importance of Body Language
  4. Importance of Listening
  5. Writing High impact Emails
  6. Responding with Confidence

Program Design & Methodology employed

  1. Extensive Research In designing programs
  2. Modern and practical tools to enhance learning’s
  3. Audio / Visual Aids
  4. Interactive method of learning
  5. Case studies and industry insights
  6. Post Learning consultations and feedback.